I have found Home2Grow to be the perfect place for my daughter. She loves going there and I know her educator really cares about her. Home2Grow allowed me to be flexible with childcare hours, which suits my husband’s job and mine. The small ratio of carer to child means less sick days and she has had many wonderful trips out with them. Having her in someone’s home means she keeps the same routine at both places and has her own space, bed and sense of belonging.

Home2Grow Child Care
Carolyn C.

My daughter Cassey Angel was enrolled with educator Rita for more than 2 years. She will soon be moving to Primary school. I am pleased to recommend educator Rita. She managed to guide the kids from one learning experience to another, depending on their ages. She also adjusted as needed with our schedules which I appreciated most. She cares deeply about each of the kids with her.

Home2Grow Child Care
Audrey C.Parent

Home2Grow is Mayra’s first child care center. Her teacher Rita was really very caring and loving person.

I have noticed a very positive change in Mayra’s personality.She became more confident, calm and mellow in her behavior. She learned tidying up the toys, colours, shapes and lots of poems besides other activities. Rita always kept us up dated through txt, phone, e-mail and personally about Mayra’s progress.

Rita has always been more than accommodating with the flexibility with the timings and also goes an extra mile for the welfare of the children.

I would like to say thank you for the time you have invested in my child and I would have no hesitation in recommending your center to every parent in the area.

Home2Grow Child Care

Shawn will go to primary school next week. He’s been with Parvinder (Simi) for 2 years. During these 2 years he learned a lot. At first he couldn’t speak even a word in English because at that time he just got back from China. Simi taught him a lot. Now he is very active. Thanks for your help.

Home2Grow Child Care
Shirley L.Parent

I was very lucky to find Parvinder (Simi) as my daughter Aayat’s child carer. Simi went above and beyond to take care of my daughter and I couldn’t have found a better home for my daughter to be cared for. Simi was always ready to look after Aayat as at times my work pressure required me to start early. Her house was always warm and inviting.
Simi showed great level of patience, commitment and love to each individual child she looked after. I would highly recommend Simi to everybody as she is fantastic.
My daughter Aayat still talks about Simi and if she had an opportunity I am pretty sure she would love to go back.
We appreciate all the hard work and care Simi provided for our daughter.

Home2Grow Child Care
Shareeza R.Parent

Rita has been an educator for my son Mihaan since he was 10 months old. Mihaan has been looked after very well at Home2Grow. I am very happy with his progress. Before Mihaan, my daughter Prisha was also with Rita for 3 years up until she started school. Prisha was well prepared for school. Rita is a very good educator and very helpful to parents.

Home2Grow Child Care
Piyusha B.Parent

Julie plays an active role in enhancing education of the children and makes sure they well cared for. She is highly approachable, reliable, respectful and responsive to the needs of the children. She engages the children in outdoor activities, dramatic play and creative art for their families, which inspires family values and social skills.

Julie’s feedback to parents gives an insight to what the kids have been up to and is quite entertaining, enlightening and assuring that your child is in good hands. Her high confidence, judgement and maturity makes it more relaxing for the parents to leave the kids under her supervision and hence the reviews of her performance from the children and parents have always been positive.

Home2Grow Child Care
Joylin S.Parent

Parvinder (Simi) takes care or our 17 month old daughter Hannah for about 3 days a week. She is caring, understands our needs and will go the extra mile to ensure the child will have a good experience under her care. Hannah is learning new things and her eating habits have improved lately. I guess Hannah’s childcare exposure is assisting her development immensely. She is a great childcare provider and it is always reassuring to see that your child is in good care.

Home2Grow Child Care
Umesh T.

I would like to take the opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Home 2 Grow has been highly impressive and their guidelines and contribution has been beyond my expectations. Also I would like to thank all the staff of Home 2 Grow especially Simran who has been heavily involved in helping me providing all the guidelines and help which I needed for my baby. She has been courteous, polite and reliable in providing me and the educator various learning resources such as play mats, toys, books etc.

I’m really glad I joined this organisation for the upbringing of my child and would recommend other parents to join this organisation.  Once again I thank them for doing a great the job.

Home2Grow Child Care
Vandhana MParent

Julie is a perfect balance between being firm and loving. She lays down the rules in the most amazing and positive way. For Julie looking after kids is not a job, it is her passion. All the kids under her care are treated equally and the best part is that they are treated as one of her own.

Home2Grow Child Care
Karen D.Parent