Types of Educators

Home Educator

A home educator works from their own home and is self employed, sub-contracted by Home2Grow Childcare. They register with IRD as self employed and are responsible for paying their own tax and ACC levies. They do this by filing a tax return at the end of the financial year (31st March). They can also claim expenses by keeping receipts or using the IRD Standard calculation which also makes allowances for property and administration costs.
Normal charge $5 – $10 /hr, per child.

Being self-employed as a home educator through Home2Grow Childcare gives the educators flexibility to determine the hours they want to work as we are licensed to provide care 24/7. They are able to take advantage of tax benefits, as a portion of the hourly rate per child is non taxable. Home educators are provided with information and support regarding this during the enrolment process and as you need it during the financial year. They are also able to determine their own income as they are able to negotiate their own hourly rate.

Family Members

Home2Grow’s license with the Ministry of Education means that we are able to offer some of the same financial support and services we offer to educators, to families who may choose to have their children looked after by someone they already know and trust.  When a family member or friend cares for children at home, they may be eligible to receive subsidies, resources and support from our coordinators when they are enrolled with us as an educator. Terms and conditions apply.

See Educator Support page to find out more about what Home2Grow offers educators.