Become an Educator

Looking for Childcare work in Auckland?

What does an educator do?

Takes care of children in a home environment. These may be the children of relatives and friends or other children.
They document the child’s learning in a daily diary or on a digital platform.
Educators and parents complete and sign the weekly time sheets showing details of care provided.
Meets at least once a month with our Programme Coordinator at the address of care.
Attends professional development workshops and courses

Who can educators care for?

Enrolled educators can care for up to 4 children under 6 years, at any one time, two of which can be under 2 years. Educators can also look after their own children at the same time, unpaid. The educator’s preschool aged children form part of the ratio. Grandparents and other relatives may be able to enrol as a child’s educator.
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