Looking for Childcare?

At Home2Grow Childcare we provide parents with quality Auckland based in home childcare and baby care to suit their family’s needs. We thoroughly check the safety and quality of our home educators through home visits and interviews as well as police and reference checks. Educators receive constant support and training opportunities from our qualified programme coordinators while parents are kept regularly informed about the progress and development of their children through emails, phone calls, newsletters and portfolios. In addition, we offer a variety of services that are constantly being developed to meet the needs and desires of parents and educators.

Programme Coordinator

The programme coordinator is an experienced and fully qualified early childhood educator who is responsible for supporting educators and ensuring that a high quality of childcare assistance and education is provided to each child. This is achieved by monthly visits where the programme coordinator observes each child and the educator and provides an opportunity to discuss the education and care with both parents and educators. An overview of each visit is made available to parents in their child’s portfolio.

The programme coordinator will also contact parents regularly and is available to speak to 24/7.

Educational Resources

Home2Grow Childcare provides free monthly resource packs and information to educators, to help them provide a high quality of childcare assistance and education for your child. This includes educational activity guides and access to a variety of educational resources from the Home2Grow Childcare toy library.


Memberships and vouchers will be given to educators to use with each child throughout the year. These include for activities around Auckland such as the Zoo and Playcentre, community events and Paint the Earth.

Activity groups/Workshops

We are developing free activity groups and workshops for children to attend, where they can interact with larger groups of children. These will include music, movement, crafts and more.

Professional Development

Free professional development opportunities are offered to educators, the programme coordinator and management throughout the year such as practical workshops, baby care, social evenings and information seminars. These will cover such things as nutrition, child development, curriculum and different areas of learning. These are open to parents as well.

Payroll Service

We offer a payroll service where parents pay Home2Grow Childcare and we pay educators, deducting PAYE etc where appropriate. Using this service also ensures parents and educators can access records of payments and income.

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