Some Available Educators


Gouri Rajpal

Gouri  – New Windsor/Lynfield


I am Gouri, however children love to call me Boby. I have been in New Zealand for the last twelve years. I have a lovely family that is made up of my very busy husband and two grown up children who go to college.

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I am one of the Home2Grow Childcare Ltd.’s Educators and have 10 years’ experience in the Childcare sector. I worked in Greenlane and Morningside Childcare Centres. I almost completed my ECE Diploma in Early Childhood, however, due to personal circumstances I was unable to finish my diploma. I really enjoy working with the children between the ages of one to five years old.

Many children I have cared for have gone to school. They all are doing great as their parents are still in touch with me. Most of the children got promoted to a different class as soon as they started the school due to their efficiency. It was really pleased to know about their progress. God bless them.

I take my childcare very seriously and I do what Childcare Centres do. The only difference is that there is a small group of children where they receive more attention and the environment is like a Home away from Home.

Basically my strength is to make the children write numeracy and literacy and their name before they start school. I always prefer to make them learn to write in a fun way. I love teaching children and am very passionate about it. It all depends on their capabilities and I never force them to write but the environment is so lively that they all wants and take initiatives to learn alongside each other.

I do activities with the children by keeping their interests in mind. All the children’s art work goes on the walls so they can talk to their mates about it and feels confident.

I have got a big outdoor play area where children enjoy riding bikes, enjoy water slides in summer and a lovely doll house where children love to spend most of their outdoor time. I have a swing set on the lawn as well where they can have loads of fun. Beside this we love to go for walks to close by parks and libraries.

If you are looking for a busy, fun and educational family day care for your child, I would love to hear from you.

Looking forward in meeting you and your children.

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Rita- Mt. Roskill

I am Rita Sood and I am from India. People know me by Aashie as well. I have a lovely family and I am mum of two lovely daughters. I have done my Nursery Teacher Training course from India and worked as early childhood teacher both in India and in Auckland.

I am located very next to Marshall Laing Primary School and Lynfield College. I have access to Griffen Park too, which I believe, the kids in my care can enjoy, where they can have fun for outdoor and in the lap of nature.

I have setup my outdoor play area with swings, slides, bikes and trampoline. I totally believe in having physical outdoor areas for kids for their physical development. Kids in my care love to spend most of their time exploring to this challenging environment.

Indoor activities include lots of resources like blocks, imaginary play and literacy corner for them to prepare for school. If you want your child to grow in a small ratio, and have fun altogether under one roof, then I would love to hear from you soon.


Cheryl – Massey, Waitakere

My name is Cheryl, I live in Massey, just down from Massey High School.
I am a mother of 4 awesome children, my youngest being 16. I’m very proud of all of them, they all have jobs and are well adjusted young adults.
I’ve been doing Childcare in my home for nearly 10 years. I believe in teaching children at a young age to be respectful, have manners and be happy, which is what society needs more of.
We go out regularly, so the children socialise with other children, which is important in their development. Outings include a music programme, playgroups and outings.
I follow routines to help the children through their day with me. I hold a current first aid certificate.
I look forward to meeting you and your child.

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I am a professional educator that cares for and educates children ages newborn to 5 years in an environment that promotes their physical and cognitive development. I am flexible to each child and their family needs and terms as part of respect to their daily lives. I believe my house is set to encourage children’s learning abilities by exploring different activities such as baking, gardening, reading, messing play, blocks, music and movement, dramatic play and outside outings. However every child has their own passion I will endeavor to promote and support the child in every way.

I mostly love spending time with children watching them grow and discover their world, to ensure that families gain the same experience each child will receive their portfolio with documentation of their child’s developments and learning.
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile I look forward to meeting yourself and child.


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Sesilia photo


Lee – Glen Eden

I am Lee, the proud mother of a 19 year old daughter, Ashlee who is currently in her second year at university studying a Bachelor of Nursing.   I am a qualified, registered Primary School Teacher and I have gained a lot of experience working with children including owning a S.K.I.D.S Before and After School Care franchise for 6 years which I operated from Titirangi Primary School until selling in 2012.  Since then I have worked as an Early Childhood Educator for a private training provider and continue to Tutor for this organisation as and when I am required.

I will provide an environment for your child that is fun, safe and nurturing, where there are clear consistent boundaries as well as structure provided through daily routines.  I have a well resourced large indoor space that is dedicated solely to childcare with plenty of books, educational games, puzzles and toys, as well as child friendly outdoor areas for riding bikes, kicking a ball around or just playing in the garden.  I am within walking distance to local parks and community amenities as well as being a fully licensed driver so I am able to take the children on outings to the library, mainly music, the zoo etc.

I believe that children thrive when they have opportunities to explore and discover the world around them as well as to think critically and problem solve for themselves.    All of your child’s experiences  will be recorded in their own portfolio accompanied with photos, art and  written learning stories so that you can see what your child has been doing while in my care.

I offer great rates and I am willing to work with families so I can be flexible with hours of care if your hours are irregular.   All enquiries are welcome.


Aasma- Hillsborough

Hi there, I am a house wife working as a new home based educator with Home 2Grow. I have three grown up children. I have the time to look after children based on my experience as a house wife and mother of three children.

I offer a sound and safe learning environment with plenty of resources at my disposal. I take children for outings to playgroups, music groups, library, park, story time etc.

A journal /portfolio is prepared of each child with tales of their learning and development with me and my family which I maintain and update regularly. This also includes photos apart from documenting the daily routine.

I have First Aid certificate from St Johns. I do regular fire drills with the children and my home has been inspected for safety regulations by Home2grow coordinators.

So if you want quality care that nurtures and supports your child’s learning, please feel free to contact me




Gayas  – Blockhouse Bay

My name is Gayas Fathima. My experience with 3 children of my own has thought me a lot. I am loving and caring person and enjoy being around children. Values and manners are very dear to me. as children will be the future citizens of our healthy society.

I have been part of Plunket by volunteering and helping them with the playgroups and organizing events, provided home based childcare to  children from 0 to 5 years old.

I believe in a healthy, safe and sharing environment ,with lots of indoor and outdoor activities. I like to innovate and organize games around child’s interests. I am very friendly with kids and allow them to grow and experience life in a natural environment. Over the years I have collected many references from families of children I looked after.

Looking forward to meeting you and your child.

Gayas  – Blockhouse Bay Road

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Nileshwari – Pakuranga Heights

Hello! My name is Nileshwari but that’s a mouthful and I like to be referred to as Pinky. I live in a warm, welcoming home is East Auckland with my husband and our son.

I have raised my son along with Nanning, caring for friends and family. I grew up in a house of 4 kids and being the elder one, I have always had a sense of care for the younger one. I have looked after children from newborn to 11 year olds.

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I believe parents, teachers and educators are the most important part of any child’s life. As an educator and a parent, I believe my home is safe and a thriving environment for any child. All the children I care for and look after become a part of my family.

 I like to set daily activities depending on the age of the child and I like to take them out whenever there is a chance to, I believe this allows a child to have a sense of responsibility even at a young age.

 Children need to celebrate and value diversity, to be proud of themselves and their culture, their ethnic backgrounds and family traditions, I will at all times, be modelling and facilitating non-discriminatory practices.

 I have several referees available upon request.

Helping a child develop is an exciting and challenging experience and one that I hope to share with you.

I look forward to meeting you!


Nora – Takanini

My name is Nora Ah-Ching a proud mother of two lovely children. I have 8 years of experience in babysitting and home based childcare. I am a warm loving mother and have passion about young children. I love children and love being around them to watch them grow and see their development in minds and hearts. I’m creative and love to learn new things kind a person.

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Here are some of my biblical principles that I will be teaching to your child: respect for elders, listening and obeying (key behaviour training). I have already set out some indoors activities for your child such as group activities, solo activities, music (playing & singing), reading, numbers, ABC, painting, drawings, recognising shape and different pattern, baking and much more. I have a clean huge backward which I have set out some outdoors activities as well for the kids to keep them busy such as outdoor fun (trampoline & bike riding), gardening, sand castle, treasure island (hide and find) and much more for the kids! Prayer training and church, movie time, story time, nap time and snacks included! We will discuss more about what I can offer to your child in our meeting.

I enjoy keeping portfolio for the children in my care to show the parents what their child are up to and learn each day. I will be taking a lot of photos for memories of time.

I am not here to take your place as parents but we can work together to give your child the best quality care they deserve.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Thank you

Nora Ah-Ching.