What Our Clients Think Of Us

We believe that the Auckland based Home2Grow Childcare experience gives your child the best possible start in life. You don’t have to take our word for it though, read the childcare testimonials from happy parents, children and educators to find out more.

“My daughter Cassey Angel was enrolled with educator Rita for more than 2 years now. She will soon be moving to Primary school. I am pleased to commend educator Rita. She managed to guide the kids from one learning experience to another, depending on their ages. She also adjusted as needed with our schedules which I appreciated most. She cares deeply about each of the kids with her”.

 Audrey C. (Parent)

“We are parents of Zara Ali, who was enrolled with Home2Grow in Mt Roskill. Her teacher with Rita Sood was really very caring and understanding. We were worried about Zara but she kept giving us update about her to us on the first day. She was very professional and handle Zara very well. She seems to have the magic touch with the kids. I would highly recommend her to any parents if they are willing to send them to Rita”

Mesveen (Parent)

As one of the parents to an ex student/pre schooler Ozzy, who was  a student of Educator Sesilia from Home2grow ,I’d  like to take this opportunity to write about her teachings and Ozzy’s learning during his time with Home2grow.

As I have observed through out Ozzy’s time with Sesilia,he has gained so much experience and has achieved more in learning than I expected and this is something I am very proud of for both Ozzy and  the educator herself.

When Ozzy left home2grow he was able to write his name and he even recognises the letters of his name and this was a big thing to me because with my eldest daughter she left the preschool she was enrolled with,without knowing how to write her name or spell it. As for Ozzy it was a successful story and I wouldn’t mind at all spreading the good services to other parents out there.

I find Sesilia a well experienced/educated educator, highly motivated and  very creative with her ways of teaching young kids and was always calm with Ozzy no matter how loud or upset he was and always knew how to communicate with her preschoolers.

Mary (Parent)

Shawn will go to primary school next week. He’s been with Simi for 2 years. During these 2 years he learned a lot. At first he couldn’t speak even a word in English because at that time he just got back from China. Simi taught him a lot. Now he is very active. Thanks for your help.

Shirley L. (Parent)

“My daughter Sienna is cared for by a nanny under the umbrella of Home2Grow. I am very happy with the services provided by the staff at Home2Grow. My daughter’s activities and learning are recorded for me, she gets visits from supervisors who encourage and interact with her. Our nanny gets all the support and guidance she needs. The children registered with Home2Grow go on trips and to playgroup together. It is like one big happy family. Would highly recommend Home2Grow to anyone considering home based private care arrangements.”

Rhea A. (Parent)

“I have found Home2Grow to be the perfect place for my daughter. She loves going there and I know her educator really cares about her. Home2Grow allowed me to be flexible with childcare hours, which suits my husband’s job and mine. The small ratio of carer to child means less sick days and she has had many wonderful trips out with them. Having her in someone’s home means she keeps the same routine at both places and has her own space, bed and sense of belonging. ”

Carolyn C. (Parent)

“I like when Diana came over and we baked cookies with her. She is a girl and has 2 kids and she is a good mum, she has a cool house too. She is lovely and she makes me feel good when I see her. I love Diana”

Felix M. (Child)

“I’ve been a Home2Grow Nanny Educator since January 2010 and I love it! I get great support from both the company director and programme Coordinator. I have a great relationship with the children I care for and their parents and the best part is my job is FUN!”

Laura D. (Nanny)

“The service is great! The toys that move around are really helpful. When you need to contact someone there is always someone on the other end of the phone for any emergencies, which I had at one time. Support is always there regarding pay, advice, and just being there to help at any time. Teamwork is great and contact with other educators so you create a group environment that you do not feel alone looking after your charges and you can contact other educators if needed. Ideas are readily supplied in a regular newsletter. Regular photos are taken when the coordinator visits and papers prepared to give to parents. Legal side regarding OSH requirements are being met by regular visits from the coordinator advising on any changes to be made to the environment. Great work from the team and keep it up.”

Sandra K. (Home Educator)

“I was very lucky to find Simi as my daughter Aayat’s child carer. Simi went above and beyond to take care of my daughter and I couldn’t have found a better home for my daughter to be cared for. Simi was always ready to look after Aayat as at times my work pressure required me to start early. Her house was always warm and inviting.
Simi showed great level of patience, commitment and love to each individual child she looked after. I would highly recommend Simi to everybody as she is fantastic.
My daughter Aayat still talks about Simi and if she had an opportunity I am pretty sure she would love to go back.
We appreciate all the hard work and care Simi provided for our daughter.

Shareeza R. (Parent)

“Diana & Home2Grow Team. Thank you for all your ongoing support in Lizanne’s early stages of learning and development. I know this has been a very important aspect and it will surely be a step towards her future as she grows.”

Lourdes M. (Parent)

Home to grow is Mayra’s first child care center. Her teacher Rita Sood was really very caring and loving person.

I have noticed a very positive change in Mayra’s personality.She became more confident, calm and mellow in her behavior. She learned tidying up the toys, colours, shapes and lots of poems besides other activities.Rita always kept us up dated through txt, phone, e-mail and personally about Mayra’s progress.

Rita has always been more than accomodating with the flexibility with the timings and also goes an extra mile for the welfare of the children.

I would like to say thank you for the time you have invested in my child and I would have no hesitation in recommending your center to every parent in the area.

Soniya (Parent)

“Simi (Parvinder) takes care or our 17 month old daughter Hannah for about 3 days a week. Simi is caring, understands our needs and will go the extra mile to ensure the child will have a good experience under her care. Hannah is learning new things and her eating habits have improved lately. I guess Hannah’s childcare exposure is assisting her development immensely. She is a great childcare provider and it is always assuring to see that your child is in good care).

Umesh T. (Parent)

“This email is to inform you our precious time with home2grow is coming to an end.  What a great organisation with fabulous staff and such wonderful support for the children and the care givers.”

                                                                            Raewyn M. (Educator)

“Diana has been an amazing programme Coordinator, always there when you need her. The kids and I really enjoy when she comes to visit! So thanks Diana for being such an amazing programme Coordinator!”

Jamie W. (Home Educator)

“I think Diana is so sweet and kind. She is always patient and understanding and always wants to help and does so where she can. Diana even went above and beyond to help me with my studies in ECE. Thanks heaps Diana!”

Rebekah A. (Nanny)

“Diana is nice. I like it when she talks to me because I like talking to her”

Bree M. (Child)

“I have joined Home 2 Grow in March 2014 , I have been really pleased with the service they have been providing me in raising my son .

I would like to take the opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Home 2 Grow have been highly impressive and their guidelines and contribution have been beyond my expectations . Also I would like to thank all the staff of Home 2 Grow especially Simran who have been heavily involved in helping me providing all the guidelines and help which I needed for my baby . She has been courteous , polite and reliable in providing me and the educator various learning resources such as play mats , toys , books etc.

I’m really glad I joined this organisation for the upbringing my child and would recommend other parents to join this organisation.  Once again I thank them for doing a great the job.”

Vandhana M (Parent)

Mike and I have been very happy with Kamal’s care of Zara over 2 years.  We enrolled her in Kamal’s care when she was 4 months old and they have really enjoyed each other’s company and Zara really has been treated as part of the family.  Kamal’s children have doted on Zara and played with her and they have developed close friendships.  I would highly recommend Kamal as a Home2Grow carer as she is a warm and loving person and clearly loves children.

Mina I. (Parent)

If you have any questions about any of these childcare reviews get in contact with us here!