Project Description

My name is Shweta.

Early childhood is a crucial time in any kid’s development and I believe that experiences children have during this period are fundamental for their success in life ahead. Being a proud mother of 2 amazing kids and having about 10 years of experience of looking after my own kids, I am well aware of their needs at different stages of development. A child’s learning should be based on his/her interests and I have learnt to create that environment which is safe and stimulates creativity, imagination, confidence and competence.

I value communicating with parents/caregivers because they know their child best. It provides me with a window to look in to special needs of their child and update them on their kids’ development. Being an immigrant from India, I have a special interest in different cultures. I respect that every person has different circumstances, values and beliefs. I value the multicultural identity of New Zealand.

Every child is unique and should be treated with respect, feel welcomed and nurtured in their own way so that they feel comfortable and grow and learn in their natural way and have access to a variety of learning experiences. I have setup my home in a way so that it support this, offering opportunities for play indoors and outdoors in different ways. I believe that children learn and develop through free play, imagination, exploration, creativity, literacy, interactions and communication. I value offering a stimulating environment where children have a choice of activities, responsibilities, and opportunities to direct their own learning.

I will extend the child’s learning through observation, communication, and scaffolding to support a life-long love of learning I love doing art and craft with children and teach children values: sharing, caring, honesty, how to respect others and self; which are very important values to learn from a young age. A child’s experience in their early childhood is fundamental to their development, their well-being, and their success in later life. I aspire to be a critical, reflective teacher, approachable, a role model, open for changes and new ideas, enhancing my knowledge with ongoing professional development.


Shweta- Flat Bush

Shweta- Flat Bush