Project Description

I am Rita Sood and I am from India. People know me by Aashie as well. I have a lovely family and I am mum of two lovely daughters. I have done my Nursery Teacher Training course from India and worked as early childhood teacher both in India and in Auckland.

I am located very next to Marshall Laing Primary School and Lynfield College. I have access to Griffen Park too, which I believe, the kids in my care can enjoy, where they can have fun for outdoor and in the lap of nature.

I have setup my outdoor play area with swings, slides, bikes and trampoline. I totally believe in having physical outdoor areas for kids for their physical development. Kids in my care love to spend most of their time exploring to this challenging environment.

Indoor activities include lots of resources like blocks, imaginary play and literacy corner for them to prepare for school. If you want your child to grow in a small ratio, and have fun altogether under one roof, then I would love to hear from you soon.

What parents say