Project Description

Hello, my name is Lauren. I have over 12 years’ experience caring for children of all ages. This experience has been comprised of several years in the USA caring full time for 4 children aged infant-9 years (homeschool family) including tutoring and teaching them piano/violin, organizing the childcare and children’s activities for events, over 5 years here in NZ as a nanny and now have a child of my own.

I am passionate about giving children the opportunity to grow in a safe, consistent, structured, nurturing and educational environment. Kindness to others, good manners and empathy are very important to me and I have always encouraged children to develop these essential traits that will enable them to become excellent members of society. I facilitate physical and mental development through creative/messy play, crafts, art, making playdough, goo & slime, baking, dancing and singing to children’s songs, games, excursions to playgroups, parks, playgrounds library, and zoo.

I am located within walking distance of a lovely playground, am a fully licensed driver so I can take the children on outings, my home is checked regularly for safety and I hold a first aid certificate.

I will keep you informed and up to date on your child’s daily activities through the Home2Grow’s portfolio system (Kid Reports), so you can stay up to date on your little one’s activities, little accomplishments, and artwork. All enquiries welcome!

Lauren - North Shore

Lauren – North Shore