Educator Resources & Developement Tools

Programme Coordinator

You will be supported by one of our programme Coordinators who are experienced and fully qualified early childhood educators. This support is achieved by monthly visits where the programme coordinator observes each child with the educator. This will give you the opportunity to get advice, discuss the education and care for any problems that may arise.

The programme coordinator can be contacted by parents and educators at any time.

Educational Resources

Home2Grow Childcare Ltd supplies some educational resources to help educators provide a high quality of care and education. Educators also have free access to a variety of educational resources from the Home2Grow Childcare Ltd toy library.


Memberships and vouchers will be given to educators to use with each child throughout the year, these include memberships to such things as the Zoo and Play centre, vouchers for such things as Paint the Earth and tickets to community events.

Professional Development

Professional development opportunities are offered to educators, the programme Coordinator and management throughout the year. Some examples of these are practical workshops, social evenings, university training and information seminars. These will cover such things as nutrition, child development, curriculum and different areas of learning.

If you would like to find out more about the services available to educators contact us here!